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Building typology for Ukraine (BTU)

The BTU WebTool has been developed within the framework of the project ‘Energy efficiency Reforms in Ukraine’ which is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and commissioned by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Ukraine is committed to reach its energy efficiency target. The energy efficient renovation of buildings is one step to reach this target. Now the renovation rate is lagging behind. One reason is that the building stock is not well documented and energy efficiency potentials do not become evident. To overcome this barrier in European countries, a building typology project (TABULA) was launched at European level to create building typologies.

The main objective of this WebTool is to overcome the challenge and help Ukraine to reach its objective of energy efficiency.

At the moment the WebTool contains a classification of the building stock constructed during the period 1978 – 1988 years. The building stock constructed during other time periods will be added to the WebTool through a regular updates of the database and information. The data on the building categorization includes the following parameters:
  • The division of residential building stocks into the groups by size;
  • Data of exemplary buildings: visual appearance, commonly found construction elements and corresponding U-values;
  • Data of exemplary heat supply systems: commonly found system types and their energy performance indicators;
  • Typical values for the energy consumption by energy carriers;
  • Energy saving measures on two quality levels and their impact on the energy consumption;
  • Standard reference calculation procedure based on an agreed data format, user conditions and climatic data;
  • Calibration of the standard calculation procedure to the typical level of measured consumption.
A special educational section of the WebTool contains a catalogue of critical construction elements and educational videos in order to ensure quality in planning and implementing energy efficiency improvement measures in the classified buildings.